4-H in the Kitchen

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Kitchen Skills

*Safety in the kitchen is our number one priority so if you are making any of these recipes, please have a parent present! 

Cutting fruits and veggies can be difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before! In order to be a fancy chef or just the cook for tonights dinner, these skills will be of value to you. We have prepared a how-to handout on cutting and also some YouTube videos for you to study.

Kitchen Skill Hand-out

How to Chop Every Vegetable– Epicurious YouTube Video (42:42)

How To Slice Every Fruit– Epicurious YouTube Video (23:36)

Summer Recipes

COVID-19 may have put a hold on many of the summer cookouts and parties but these recipes are sure to get you excited and happy for the summer! Use your newly learned knife and kitchen skills to impress yourself, and your #quarantinecrew!