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Updated: August 4th, 2014

Peanut leafspot sprays should begin at R3, which is when the early pegs in the ground start to swell at the tip to form the peanut. If you have the variety Bailey, you can wait for 2 weeks beyond R3 to start your leafspot program due to the partial moderate resistance of Bailey to leafspot.

Peanut Leafspot  Last Effecitve Spray Date:  7/21 Spray
Sclerotinia Advisory  Last Effective Spray Date: Rows open: 7/14, Rows closed: 7/14 Spray


The black light trap is monitored by cooperators within the county to provide a record of the flight activity of the corn earworm moth. This record assists in the determination of the onset of the major moth flight so producers and scouts can improve accuracy of scouting. Moth counts are taken on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and reported to the Extension Center. Counts taken on Wednesday and Friday are two-night counts and Monday counts are from three days.

Brown Stink Bug Green Stink Bug

CEW = Corn Earworm;    BS = Brown Stinkbug;    GS = Green Stinkbug;        – = No Data

Statewide trap data

Follow the moth flight through the state and get information about other insect problems at North Carolina Cotton Insect Corner.

For information about scouting cotton and the treatment thresholds for the economic pests, consult the Cotton Scouting Guide.

If you have an insect problem you have trouble identifying, consult the guide for Insects and Related Pests of Field Crops.

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Date Created: 07/7/2014

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