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2018 Eastern Regional 4-H Shooting Sports Final Results

2018 Eastern Regional 4-H Shooting Sports Awards Program

State Qualifiers include: Top 5 from Individual Contest (yellow highlight), Top 3 Teams (blue highlight), and Next 5 High Scores from Remaining Competitors (green highlight).

Information on registration for the 4-H State Shooting Sports Tournament will be sent directly to coaches when it becomes available.

All results by discipline:

Junior Results Senior Results
2018 Jr. Air Pistol 2018 Sr. Air Pistol 
2018 Jr. Air Rifle  2018 Sr. Air Rifle 
2018 Jr. Archery- Compound 2018 Sr. Archery- Compound Hunter-Sporter 
2018 Jr. Archery- Recurve  2018 Sr. Archery- Compound- Match 
2018 Jr. Muzzleloading  2018 Sr. Archery- Recurve Hunter-Sporter 
2018 Jr. Rifle Open Sight  2018 Sr. Archery- Recurve- Match 
2018 Jr. Rifle Telescopic  2018 Sr. Muzzleloading 
2018 Jr. Shotgun 2018 Sr. Rifle- Open Sight 
2018 Sr. Rifle- Telescopic
2018 Sr. Shotgun
2018 Sr. Small Bore Pistol