Christmas Tree Recycling

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Have you wondered what is the best way to recycle your live Christmas tree after the holidays? Most of you have probably already disposed of your tree for this season, but keep this information handy for Christmas 2017. Most Americans now recognize the importance of sustainable and renewable resources and a real Christmas tree is just that! Before recycling, you will obviously need to remove all of the lights and decorations from the tree.

There are a number of options available to you for recycling your tree that include: using it to prevent soil erosion, turning it into mulch, using it as a bird feeder and even a fish a place for fish to nest if you have a pond. The most common method around here is to chip the trunk and branches into mulch. The mulch is fragrant and will also help reduce weed populations and conserve soil moisture. When using your tree as a bird feeder all that is required is to find a place in your yard to either lay it horizontal or prop it up. Next, you can hang pieces of fruit and suet from the branches of the tree. Also, if you’re looking for an excuse to head to the beach this time of year, Fort Macon State Park will be happy to take your used Christmas tree off of your hands. They have been using trees for decades to build up the sand dunes on the beach. Over time the tree branches slowly catch wind-driven sand and in turn, the sand envelopes the tree. This provides for a sturdy sand dune that protects the beach from erosion.

Continue to support North Carolina Christmas tree farmers each holiday season by choosing a fresh, live Christmas tree! Follow this link to select your farm for the next holiday season: NC Choose & Cut Tree Farms