“All in and All Done for the 75th Year”

— Written By and last updated by Vivian Turner

“All in and all done” were the last words of Joe Gray the auctioneer of the 75th Annual Eastern Carolina 4-H Meat Animal Show and Sale,Wednesday evening, April 11, 2012. Seventy-two Edgecombe County 4-H’ers worked diligently through the livestock event with smiles, great showmanship skills, well groomed animals and memories of a lifetime.

This year’s 4-H Livestock Show and Sale celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Throughout the event birthday cakes, 4-H alumni from 1949 all the way up to 2011, timeworn photos, old record keeping materials, framed memoirs, the sharing of livestock stories and times past were all a part of the celebratory activities. The success of all the celebrating and the event itself was made  possible with the amazing support of show sponsors, many volunteers, businesses, civic groups, 4-H alumni, families and friends of 4-H the entire two days.

You may view our video that was designed to celebrate our 75th Show and Sale at http://youtu.be/YeiJe6aBJAc.

The 4-H’ers showing in the 4-H Cloverbud program (5-8) learn to take responsibilities for a caring for a goat for 30 days kicked off the show. This year young 4-H’ers were Jarin Abrams, Ethan Barnes, Lydia Barnes, Jeffery Bradley, Carter Dunn, Layton Dupree, Hunter Elks, Trevor Evans, Wyatt House, Payden Kiser, Mallory Lancaster, Kelly Lewis, Waylon Lewis, Mary Moseley, Carson Parker, Grayson Parker, Madison Shortt and Logan Whitley. At the conclusion of the Cloverbud Goat show the youth were each recognized for their endeavors with medallions and praise and returned home with their goats.

Twenty-one 4-H’ers (9-19) exhibited in the Meat Goat program. Youth with outstanding goat achievements were Heather Hobbs, 3rd Overall and Jr. Showmanship winner and John Ronald Walton, Sr. Showmanship winner.

Show Judge, Dan Willoughby of  Sheridan Indiana  placed the Meat Goats in the following classes: Class 1: Kaleb Lancaster, 1st and Jacqueline Dickens 7th; Class 2:  Hali Pavelka, 4th, Brandon Walker 5th, Cody Goff 6th, J.W. Dickens 7th, Ashley Powell 8th, Michael Parisher 9th, David Parisher 10th, Alston Davis 11th, Trey West 12th; Class 3: Heather Hobbs, 1st, Aaron Drake 2nd, Dustin Bulluck 3rd, Christopher Boyd 5th, Nolan Drake 8th, Rebecca Boyd 9th, Sara Grace West 10th; Class 4:  Sam Moseley 2nd, John Ronald Walton 5th; Class 5:  Allison Lancaster 6th.

Eight 4-H’ers exhibited in the Swine program and opened the second day of the show with their projects. Outstanding swine acolytes’ were won by Kacie Strickland, Grand Champion Pen of Three and Jr. Showmanship, Gracyn Webb Reserve Champion Individual and 3rd Jr. Showmanship and Chloe Vickers 2nd Jr. Showmanship.

Individual Lightweight class swine weighing 220-250 lbs. Kacie Strickland placed 1st and Zachary Wainwright placed 6th.

Individual Heavyweight Class 2, swine weighing 251-280 lbs. Joey Moseley 5th, Alec Powell 6th and ShyAnn Warren 7th; Class 3, Gracyn Webb 1st, Kacie Strickland 3rd. Senior Swine participant included Nick Vester.

Following the swine show seven 4-H youth exhibited their steer projects. Corbin Griffin was named Reserve Champion Steer, Cole Vester placed 1st as a Sr. Steer Showman and Madison Strickland placed 3rd as a Jr. Steer Showman.

Class 1 steer exhibitors included Trey Medlin 1st, Cole Vester 3rd, Madison Strickland 4th, Amber Rudd 5th and Brooks Parisher 6th. Class 3:  Corbin Griffin 1st, William Wollett 4th.

Bringing closure to the livestock event was the Lamb Show with thirty-six exhibitors. Superior winnings were won by Caley Mayo, Reserve Champion Lamb and 3rd Jr. Showmanship and Hailee Whitehurst 2nd Jr. Showmanship.

Lamb Class 1 exhibitors were Slate Hinton 2nd, Evan Hill 3rd, Zachary Hill 6th, Haston Warren, 7th, Bryson Parker 8th, Anna Grace Lunsford 10th; Class 2: Margaret Quincy 2nd; Tanner Wittig 3rd, Samantha Sconyers 4th, Kayleigh Morgan 5th, Sarah Porter 6th, Abigail Bailey 7th, Aubrey House 9th and Garrett Parker 10th; Class 3:  Taylor Quincy 2nd, Brandi Varnell 5th, Steven Bradley 6th, Bridget Varnell 9th, Haley Varnell 10th, Logan Lunsford 11th and Seth Paramore 12th.

Class 4:  Caley Mayo 1st, Steven Davis 6th, Ashley Wollett 9th, Cassie Dunn 10th and Lillie Medlin 11th; Class 5: Summer Carwell, Mary Catherine Mayo 5th, Mackenzie Thompson 7th, Bryson Morgan 8th, Braxton Varnell 9th;  and Class 6:  Tommy Moseley 2nd, Hailee Whitehurst 3rd, Joshua Proctor 4th, Caitlyn Vester 5th, Hannah Pilgreen 6th.

The previous 75 years of 4-H livestock project work in Edgecombe County has grown many outstanding youth, adults, generational families, career minded individuals, productive citizens and folks who truly enjoy calling Edgecombe home. These individuals also value the 4-H livestock program for what it teaches: agriculture and livestock production, an appreciation for the livestock industry, life learning skills and the vast opportunities for youth to obtain hands on experiences with research based knowledge. Who knows what the next 75 years of 4-H livestock programming will incur but today there are many who aspire to be at the 76th Annual Eastern Carolina 4-H Meat Animal Show and Sale in 2013.